Biometric Data

Collect real-world, novel participant data

Capture protocol defined biomarker information from patient biological samples and continuous wearable data.

Biometric data by the numbers

device integrations
between enrollment and kit receipt
white glove support

Test kits for biologic assessments

Hassle-free at-home blood and saliva kits, and simplified scheduling to streamline the process for patients and sponsors.

Wearables for digital health

Wearables and medical device data to capture retrospective and prospective insights into patients' daily health.

Behind the scene operations

Our team handles all aspects of kit shipment, receipt, and reconciliation and phlebotomy scheduling to streamline the process for patients and minimize overhead across multiple vendors.

Unlock real-world insights through patient biological samples and continuous wearable data

Expand evidence generation

Capture prospective and retrospective data from patients’ everyday lives, offering a comprehensive view on their health beyond the confines of clinical settings.

Decrease costs

Reducing costs by collecting samples at home and monitoring data from wearable devices remotely.

Simplify processes

Streamline steps for sample collection, central processing, and participant compensation, and easily track all samples collected against protocol schedule.

Increase participant pool

Enhance study reach and diversify participants with our user-friendly experience for remote sample collection and device distribution.