Medical Affairs

More holistic and relevant research

A single, adaptable platform for more efficient, comprehensive, and transparent studies.

Access complete data for more informed decision making.

Ensure that your team's evidence is holistic, relevant, and based on robust scientific data.

With Pulse, capture comprehensive insights from populations representative of your target disease area without the data gaps that can be prevalent in observational research.

Observational research, simplified.

What to expect

High-quality data

Capture high quality data across patients’ medical journeys to understand standard of care, unmet needs, and healthcare resource utilization.

More complete data

Removing the risk of evidence gaps caused loss-to-follow up, incomplete data, or inconsistent data.

Improved representation

Retain patients long-term to explore questions around treatment compliance, burden, and quality of life.

Improved representation

Retain patients long-term to explore questions around patient compliance, burden, and quality of life.

Study flexibility

Pivot data capture more easily as new research questions arise through constant access to source data and existing patient consent.

How PicnicHealth Pulse is simplifying research

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Continuous visibility

We simplify visibility into study progress to more easily track patient representation, screen fails, and overall enrollment. Our sponsor portal helps you ensure your study is enrolling the right patients.

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Diverse recruitment and long-term engagement

We recruit patients nationally and optimize enrollment for conversion. Our patient portal increases retention by allowing patients to contribute to studies from their homes and providing them continuous access to records.

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Curated comprehensive data

Our direct-to-patient approach enables access to all of a patient’s medical records, across all sites of care. Through a combination of AI and clinical expertise, Pulse captures fit-for-purpose, curated insights to help you improve patient access.

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Analytics and publication support

Our world-class epidemiologists and data scientists provide clinical expertise to help you design studies and produce more robust publications.

Learn how PicnicHealth Pulse works

PicnicHealth Pulse is powered by a direct-to-patient approach, clinical expertise, and cutting-edge AI and technology.

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