Patient Engagement

Empower patients to participate in research

Simplify participation for patients and keep them engaged long-term.

Demo the patient platform

Engagement by the numbers

patient retention
ePRO response rate
Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Medical record access

Free lifetime access for patients to organized medical records, and healthcare snapshots to prepare for doctor visits and advocate for oneself.

Study activity progress

A one intuitive portal for surveys and receive rewards for study activities, easily redeemable as gift cards.

Research sharebacks

Notifications and summaries of the latest research, surveys, and findings from current studies in the industry.

Engage patients, enhance research, and improve outcomes

Capture patient-centric data

Capture high-quality data beyond clinical records to create a complete patient journey and assess new research questions and endpoints.

Keep patients engaged

Provide true research value back to patients through resources, research updates, and access to their medical records. Keeping patients engaged throughout the study reduces dropout rates and increases the value of your data.