Study Management

Simplify study management for sites (Virtual or Hybrid)

Enable seamless study and participant management for any sites.

Flexible implementation

An adaptable system that can support both hybrid and virtual studies to ensure that your study can be managed efficiently, regardless of the operational model.

Patient monitoring

Dynamic dashboards that provide real-time insights into enrollment targets, adverse events, protocol deviations, patient screen fails, and patient diversity to quickly identify trends and potential issues.

Seamless integration

One-stop solution for all software solutions needed for study execution and can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and software solutions to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted flow of data and operations.

Ensure successful, efficient study execution

Reduce site burden

Streamline administrative tasks and reduce the workload on site staff for hybrid studies with automated processes and intuitive tools, allowing them to focus more on patient care and engagement.

Decrease protocol deviations

Ensure adherence to study protocols by providing real-time access to protocol requirements and automatic alerts for any deviations, minimizing errors and enhancing data integrity.

Track study progress at a glance

Provide sit staff an interactive dashboard to monitor critical metrics, facilitating proactive management and timely decision-making.

Seamless communication with site team

Leverage a single platform for communication within sites and between site and sponsor with key information surfaced to the sponsor portal