Research and Development

Faster and cost-effective research

A single, adaptable platform for more efficient, comprehensive, and transparent studies.

Get the endpoints you need, more easily.

Demonstrate the value of the products in your pipeline without the inefficiencies, high costs, and long timelines associated with observational research.

Observational research, simplified.

What to expect

Increased speed

Accelerate study start-up time by eliminating activation of brick-and-mortar sites. Decrease risks of timeline extensions caused by study amendments, slow recruitment, and loss-to-follow-up.

More complete data

Get the endpoints you need and capture complete data across patients’ medical journeys to inform drug safety, efficacy, and utilization.

Lower costs

Eliminate costs associated with activating brick-and-mortar sites, and reduce spend associated with protocol amendments through more flexible studies.

Greater patient engagement and retention

Retain patients long-term to explore questions around patient compliance, burden, and quality of life.

Improved representation

Enroll traditionally underrepresented communities to increase applicability of your results.

Fewer vendors

Eliminate the need for multi-vendor data management by using one platform for your CRF, eConsent, CTMS, EDC, and more.

How PicnicHealth Pulse is simplifying research

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Continuous visibility

We simplify visibility into study progress to more easily track patient representation, screen fails, and overall enrollment. Our sponsor dashboard helps you ensure your study is on track and provides ongoing visibility into key study variables.

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Diverse recruitment and long-term engagement

We recruit patients nationally and optimize enrollment for conversion. Our patient portal increases retention by allowing patients to contribute to studies from home and by providing continuous access to records.

Human Verified. AI Driven.

Curated comprehensive data

Our direct-to-patient approach enables access to all of a patient’s medical records, across all sites of care. Through a combination of AI and clinical expertise, Pulse captures fit-for-purpose, curated insights to help you demonstrate therapeutic value.

Learn how PicnicHealth Pulse works

PicnicHealth Pulse is powered by a direct-to-patient approach, clinical expertise, and cutting-edge AI and technology.

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